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A Shift From The City To The Suburbs May Be On The Rise

Today, moving outside the city limits is more feasible than ever, especially as employees have quickly become more accustomed to and companies being more accepting of remote work.

With everything that has been happening over the last few months there may be a new trend happening with families wanting to move out of the city and into the suburbs or to more rural areas of the country.

George Ratiu, Senior Economist at notes:

“With the re-opening of the economy scheduled to be cautious, the impact on consumer preferences will likely shift buying behavior…consumers are already looking for larger homes, bigger yards, access to the outdoors and more separation from neighbors. As we move into the recovery stage, these preferences will play an important role in the type of homes consumers will want to buy.”

A Surprising Shift to the ‘Burbs May Be on the Rise | MyKCM

The Harris Poll recently surveyed 2,000 Americans, and 39% of the respondents who live in urban areas have caused them to consider moving to a less populated area during this pandemic.

If you have a home in the suburbs or a rural area, you may see an increasing number of buyers looking for a property like yours.

If you’re thinking of buying and don’t mind a commute to work for the well-being of your family, you may want to consider looking at homes for sale outside the city.

Let’s connect today to discuss the options available in our area.

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